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US Freeads Review

USFreeads review is for those who do not yet know the power of using USFreeads.  USFreeads is a service that allows users to post ads.  This is an excellent way to get new customers on your site.  Google seems to love U.S.Freeads, which means it can be a great traffic producer.

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You can get either a free or a paid account to USFreeads.  As you might expect, the features are better with the paid account, but the free account is good, too.
There are three different memberships: free, gold, and premium. Here is a table listing the differences between these three memberships:

 The key is to do keyword research before creating an ad.  If you simply throw an ad up, with no thought to keywords, then you probably won’t get much traffic.
Additionally, I suggest using one of their paid memberships.  I tried the free membership before I upgraded to a paid one, and the difference in traffic was considerable.
One feature that I especially like is the ability to “auto renew” ads.  Ads run for a period of time, then expire.  The “auto renew” feature allows me to determine which ads I want to renew automatically, so they never expire.  This means I don’t have to log in to my account each month and look for expired ads that I want to continue running.
Creating ads is simple.  If you know HTML, then you can create an ad offline, with a program such as Dreamweaver, and copy/paste the code into your ad.  For those who do not know HTML, you can create ads on USFreeads very easily.  Ads can be previewed before completion, so you will know right away if anything needs to be tweaked.
If you are an affiliate marketer, then you should seriously consider opening an account with USFreeads.   They actually allow you to include affiliate links in your ads.  Many advertising sites do not allow the promotion of affiliate links, so this is a huge advantage when using USFreeads.
If you ever need to contact the people at USFreeads, then you may find yourself cursing their website.  Figuring out how to contact anyone at that site is challenging, at best.  The links are hidden deep within the site.  You can visit it at, with additional contact information available at  I have contacted them before and they responded right away.  My experience regarding contacting them was positive.  They were very receptive to my inquiry.

Pros and Cons of USFreeads

Pros of USFreeads

  • Free membership option, as well as two different paid memberships.  There is a membership that will fit any budget.
  • Control over ad creation.
  • “Auto renew” any (or all) ads.
  • Advertise AFFILIATE LINKS!

Cons of USFreeads

  • It can be difficult figuring out how to contact any one at USFreeads if you need to reach them for any reason.

Cost and Licensing of USFreeads

  • Free or Monthly Cost (cost depends on membership chosen: gold account is $10 per year and premium account is $9.99 per month)
  • Gold membership allows up to 25 ads at a time, and Premium membership allows AS MANY ads as you want!

Read More and Start Using USFree Ads today!

To directly to their website, click here:

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Join their affiliate program today and earn 40% per sale!

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Their affiliate program is designed for people want to refer new members to USFreeads and get paid for their efforts. If this sounds like you, please read on.
Our affiliate program pays you 40% of each sale made by people you refer to us, and there's no cap or limit to the amount of money you can earn
Our affiliate program is totally free, and anyone can join regardless of whether you own a website or not.

Earn $1,000 per month/$12,000 per year!
Refer just 250 premium members to USFreeads and earn $1000 per month, every month! That's over $12,000 per year just for referring 250 new members to us!

Earn $3,000 per month/$36,000 per year!
If you refer 250 premium members to USFreeads every month, after 3 months you'll be earning £3,000 per month, which is over $36,000 per year!

Earn $12,000 per month/$144,000 per year!
If you refer 250 premium members to USFreeads every month, after a year you'd be earning a whopping $12,000 per month which is $144,000 per year!

In addition to earning big money by referring new advertisers to us, you can also earn over $40 for every feature ad upgrade that people you've referred to us purchase!

There is no limit to how much money you can earn!

We track every visitor that arrives via your unique link, and once they register, we pay you 40% of the purchase price for every single time they upgrade an ad or renew their membership, for as long as they're a member!
The commissions soon add up, and we pay you every month when your earnings reach $25. If you don't reach $25 in a month, your commission will roll over to the next month until you reach the minimum payout.
We track the people who follow your link for 30 days so if they join us as a member within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link, they are 'tagged' to your account and you get paid when they upgrade their memberships or feature their ads!
Our program offers two levels of commission so if somebody joins our affiliate program after following your link, you earn 5% of all sales that they generate! This is an excellent extra revenue generator!
You can promote us on your website, in email messages, message boards, other classified ads sites, or anywhere that you think appropriate as long as you don't spam.
You can refer people to any page so for example if you have a website about dogs you can link to our dog page, a website about business opportuniites our business opportunity page, or the home page, the main registration page or even your own ads if you're an advertiser - you can link to any page you like! If you dont own a website, forum, blog or have a newsletter etc, you can still give your family, friends or associates a link to any page you like and our systems will remember that you referred them and they'll get "tagged" to you when they register.
We pay out thousands of dollars each month in commissions and some of our top affiliates promote USFreeads as their full-time job, working from home!

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Earn more money!

To earn even more money, you can refer other website owners to join our affiliate program.

Our two-tiered system means that if somebody joins us as an affiliate after following your link, you will earn 5% of every sale that they generate!

This is a great extra revenue stream, and means that you will be earning 40% of sales you generate, and a further 5% of all sales that each of your sub-affiliates make!

Use the following link to sign up for your affiliate account, send other webmasters to their affiliate page:

Free Classifieds

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