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Blogging to the Bank

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Blogging to the Bank

An Honest Review

If you are on a tight budget, but desperately want to get started with an online business...then Blogging to the Bank by Rob Benwell may be just the cost solution you are looking for.

I have purchased Blogging to the Bank and started putting it to use and I am going to tell you exactly what I think.

The question:

Can You Really Make $500 a Day With FREE Blogs?

Rob has laid out his guide in 7 Steps...lets take a look and evaluate each

Step 1 Researching & Selecting a Market

This is where Blogging to the Bank really made me "stand up and pay attention"...I make my living online and this is the part so many manuals leave out...

Rob does a good job on how to select a lucrative product, but he does an excellent job on giving you a very simple way to choose a market that is not overcrowded...if you want to make money this is one of the most crucial steps.

Step 2 Creating Your Blogs

For those that don't know what a blog is just a dirt simple web page that you put up...that is much like a diary with date entries....

Now Rob only recommends using there are 2 huge is absolutely free to put up as many blogs as you want using became a huge success because it is soooo easy to do not have to know any complicated computer languages...

Rob walks you thru step by step...with easy to follow pictures on exactly how to set up your blogger blog...and gives you his secret settings.

Step 3 Creating and Placing Ads on Your Blog

This is of course how you get you blog to the bank...if you will...again step by step instructions with pictures to hold you by the hand...excellent job!

Step 4 Getting Content

I can't get into a whole lot of detail I do not want to give away his trade secrets...but if you are not good at writing...he gives several really great ideas that work on how to put content on your blog.

Step 5 SEO Tips

There have been whole 1000 page volumes on SEO...which Rob boils down to just 4 pages...with pictures...someone once said "Genius is making the complicated simple"...If the saying is true Rob is a definitely a "giant" among blogging genius.

Step 6 Flooding Your Blog With Targeted Traffic

5 absolutely free...and powerful ways to get targeted traffic to your blog...if I had one issue with Blogging to the would be this chapter...he goes into 2 highly controversial traffic generation this is mostly a matter of may use these 2 techniques and probably with much success...I just feel that they are not necessary with the power he has already laid at our feet.

Step 7 Creating the Network

Brilliant...I had never thought of linking like he has here...and I can't divulge much more about his trade secrets here.

My Conclusion and Experience:

I read Blogging to the Bank in one sitting...I put up my first blog the next day...I went at a moderate pace and did not worry about how pretty it is...I had my first blog up from start to finish in less than 30 Minutes following Rob's can see it here if you wish:

I then used 2 of the traffic techniques which took another half hour...and used his secret method to get listed in MSN...I will update this article once I am listed.

Now a couple things you will want to know...and from my experience I know this to be will get listed in MSN almost immediately...within 48 hours...and Yahoo usually within a week or will still have to wait on Google to do its next update...that means money can start rolling in withing two days of putting up your blog...if you follow Blogging to the Bank.

So can you make $500 a day using Free Blogs? I think Rob has been very reasonable and truthful with this will require some work putting up your blogs...I would think that if you rolled up your sleeves and put up 2 blogs a day...for 30 days you would have a very nice residual income coming in...but only with one or two other methods that I know of can you get started with no money out of your pocket and make so much in a short amount of time...

Blogging to the Bank is one of the best manuals on how to make money with zero or no risk that I have used in a long time.

To get more info and purchase Blogging to the Bank:

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Blogging to the Bank will get you listed fast on MSN and Yahoo...but if you don't want to wait on Google...I have a very powerful bonus for you...

My wife calls this my "Bum Marketing" method because she says it is so easy to do a literate bum could do it...

Well...I don't know...but what I do know is I can get an ad or message on Google within one week...and for free.

I have shown this to only a couple dozen people...and they get listed and make money from Google within a week...

I will never sell this report...but I will send it to you if you decide to purchase Blogging to the Bank thru my link below:

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Order thru the link above and I will send my "Bum Marketing" method right over to you...Now you can get on Google, Yahoo and MSN within 2 weeks...

Thank You So Much,

Bill Patton

P.S. I am no guru...but just so you know I am not full of "hot air"...I am posting a screenshot from one of my accounts...Good luck

Blogging to the Bank

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  1. 8 months later are you still using this?

    I am in the middle of my $1 trial and your post answers many questions I have had.

    Is it working well with Blogger?